The classic kombi that brings bubbles to you!

About the Bubbles

Our TAP. Sparkling is imported from the Veneto region in Italy using 100% Glera grapes ("Prosecco" ) This crisp, elegant sparkling wine is served ice cold out of our taps, ensuring every glass is as perfect as the next.

Prosecco has become phenomenally popular over the past few years due to its easy drinking style and ours is no different, with notes of apple, pear and white peach and perfectly balanced acidity. For other wine and beer options please check out the Vfacts below.

The tap system is environmentally friendly; each cylinder stores 20 litres of wine, the equivalent to 26 bottles, which will not be wasted into landfill. Every cylinder is reusable and our glasses are 100% recyclable and BPA free, all contributing to reducing our carbon foot print.

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Do we need to obtain a Liquor Licence for our event?

No you don't, we are fully licensed and will take care of all of that for you!

What drinks do you have available?

We love our Prosecco and TAP Spritz, but we can also offer red and white wine as well as an Italian lager; Birra Baracca – crisp and easy drinking. All available on request.

How do I make a booking?

We believe that each and every event is unique. We will liaise and coordinate directly with you to ensure your VBUB experience is memorable. Send us an email below, or give us a phone call so we can organise your special event.

What areas are you available in?

Vbub is based on the Sunshine Coast, but if your event is further a field don’t hesitate to contact us to work something out.

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